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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your portfolio



We can help design, create and further co-ordinate the most optimal ownership and management structure for your business and personal assets, capturing your specific situation and needs, location and family strategy, political aspects, international regulatory and tax requirements.

If required, we can analyse and improve your existing structure, look at your key team, internal processes and approaches, and help you adapt to new regulatory requirements, compliance and disclosure standards.



We can act as your “protector” (formal or informal), personal advisor, facilitator of strategic decisions, and/or a point of “second opinion” on the most complex and sensitive issues that you are not always comfortable discussing with your team, traditional consultants, and sometimes your family.



We can help with the development and implementation of your unique charitable strategy, reflecting your family values and the key areas where you would like to focus your support and socially beneficial activities.



Together we can work with you to determine the most appropriate strategy for your family situation to transfer assets to future generations.

We can do a “stress test” on the real preparedness of your structure and team for unexpected events (death, illness, default, conflict, etc.) and understanding what to do in the “what if” situation, prepare a proper roadmap – where the assets are, what to do, where to go, and explain where and how such information shall be stored and protected.



We can work with your key management team to build the right internal processes and work effectively with you, fill gaps, explain practical nuances, break down real cases, recruit necessary people, define the right functionality, areas of responsibility and the necessary levels of delegation.



We can help you understand the ins and outs of personal and corporate taxation depending on your tax status, family situation, location of key assets and sources of income, reporting, disclosure and international information exchange requirements.

"Like a compass guiding a ship through uncharted waters, we navigate your wealth toward success."




We can help you understand all aspects of the modern regulatory requirements for know-your-client (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), disclosure and international information exchange that apply to banks, intermediaries and service providers.

We will also help you to analyse and verify your personal history and prepare for you all necessary KYC/AML documents in respect of your professional biography and source or wealth formation history, meeting all necessary international compliance standards.



We provide comprehensive support, from analyzing your personal and family situation to evaluating the political, tax, and logistical considerations of relocating or living in multiple countries.


Our expertise aids in selecting the ideal destination, factoring in the quality of life, essential infrastructure, tax considerations, and compliance requirements. If you choose to make the move, we facilitate the entire immigration process and seamlessly manage your relocation.



We can help you structure your investment in the acquisition of business or personal assets (including real estate, private jets, yachts), organise the necessary legal, tax, financial and compliance due diligence of assets and counterparties, professionally represent your interests in negotiations and coordinate completion of transactions in any jurisdiction.

We can also assist with the design, establishment and administration of investment structures, including investment funds, securitisation and investment companies in various jurisdictions.



We can help arrange bank or private financing for the acquisition or refinancing of personal assets including real estate, yachts, private jects, art, asset portfolios, etc.



We will help to analyse and professionally assess information about you and your family in public sources, if necessary - to develop and implement the most effective strategy to refute false information and protect your reputation, including, if necessary, preparation of rebuttal reports, appeal to law enforcement authorities and courts, work with journalists, investigators and PR specialists.




We can help you identify fraud, theft, breach of duty, abuse of authority or other dishonest behaviour by your managers, partners, service providers or even family members, and determine and implement the best strategy to counteract, investigate, prevent further violations, pursue civil or criminal liability, locate assets and/or recover potential losses.

Kuts & co
"Empowering your journey, from wealth to wisdom, across continents and generations."




We will help you to develop the right strategy and organise professional representation of your interests in private or commercial disputes in any jurisdiction, including if necessary, with the engagement of professional investigators and PR specialists.



Using our extensive network of numerous international contacts, we can help you find the right service providers, business partners, potential investors, buyers or sellers of assets in virtually any jurisdiction in the world, as well as verify the business reputation and reliability of your potential counterparties and intermediaries.

Reach out to our team of specialists for a discovery call.

Kuts & co
"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for." 


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